Committed to Excellence


I have been working with DTL for over 5 years now. They are the best in the business. When I dispatch a load to DTL I know that it will be handled with professionalism from start to finish. DTL constantly keeps me updated on my freights location and always arrives to pickup and destination early or on time. All of the drivers for DTL are professional and courteous. This day and age it is tough to find good carriers that actually care about my freight but when I hire DTL I know the job will get done as if I were driving the truck myself. I highly recommend DTL.
Justin van Loben Sels - Vice President- Operations
from Amistad Freight Services, Inc.
I have had the pleasure of working with DTL for over 10 years, and I can only say that the organization takes pride in providing outstanding customer service, on time deliveries and support for our organization; 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. DTL has always accounted  for our constant changes that we have as an organization and they always meet our demands. DTL has been very instrumental in making my job as successful as it can be. I truly appreciate the attention and dedication that comes from this organization and their continued support to make our business a success.
David F.Carver - Director of Sales
from Target Interstate, Inc.
We’ve been doing business with DTL transport for over 5 years and our experience with them is extremely positive. They are a company who keeps us informed and up to date from dispatch to pick up to delivery. Any problems have always been solved fairly and professionally. As their freight rates are always competitive, that's why DTL remains one of our top utilized trucking companies.
Jeff Rosenstein from Atlantic Fresh Trading LLC
I have dealt with DTL for years. Like everyone they make mistakes, but unlike everyone they learn from them. Like a fine wine they have only gotten better with age. There is not a single product I would hesitate to put on one of their trucks. Quality people running quality equipment you couldn’t ask for more.
Ryan Kern from Scout Logistics
DTL Transport has been an extremely dependable carrier. They have done an excellent job in helping us keep our customers happy by providing fast, on-time delivery. Their drivers are pleasant and their equipment is reliable. DTLs 24-hour dispatch is a life saver in last minute delivery changes and they are always very helpful, no matter the time! We are very happy with the service they have provided us and are looking forward to doing a lot of business with them in the future.
Meghan Gundlach - Carrier Sales
from RLS & Eleets
I have been working with the team at DTL for over 10 years. They handle mostly produce loads, which require a special attention to detail, in order to ensure a timely delivery. They are professional, reliable and understand the importance of communication. It has been a pleasure working with DTL, and I look forward to working with them for many years to come.
Robert Schumacher from Transportation Solutions, Inc (TSI)
I feel very proud to have professional , honest and hardworking employees. Customers always ask me “what does DTL stands for?” and I always joke with them and tell them that it stands for “Don’t Tell Lie” even though I am just joking with them, personally that’s what myself and DTL Transport as a company believes in.
Lucky - President / CEO
from DTL Staff